How it works

Menopause is a long-term hormone deficiency, which causes a shift in the vaginal microbiome. By monitoring changes in the vaginal microbiome by genomic sequencing of a urine sample, MenoGuide will provide accurate and robust feedback on a woman’s menopause journey and treatment plan success.

3 Easy Steps

1. Register

Register for a test on our website and complete the accompanying questionnaire.

2. Post

Sample test kits and the urine sample are returned via pre-paid Royal Mail post.

3. Results

Samples are genomically sequenced and a personalised report is produced by a menopause expert

Sample Collection Kit Instructions

To download the instructions for the urine sample collection kit for MenoGuide, please click on the below link.

What is Inlcuded in our report?

Every MenoGuide test taken receives a comprehensive report on their individual microbiome which details the 3 key measurements taken and assigns both a clinical assessment and a laboratory assessment and includes follow up advice. This is emailed directly to you.


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