Individualising Menopause Assessment

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What is MenoGuide?

MenoGuide is an innovative menopause test, currently in development. It is hoped that when it formally launches it can indicate where you are on your menopause journey and inform individualised treatment plans for both you and your healthcare professional. Currently the test is in development and you are taking part in pilot research so any information provided to you will be on a research use only basis.

What is the Vaginal Microbiome?

The vaginal microbiome, also referred to as the vaginome, is a collective term for the microbes found in the vagina. The presence of certain bacteria protect you and your vagina against other athogenic bacteria, which could cause bacterial infection if the protective bacteria were not present and dominant. Unlike the gut microbiome, which harbours up to 1,000 different types of bacteria that have different functions, the vaginal microbiome is dominated by a type of bacteria called lactobacillus. During the perimenopausal stage, the level of the hormone oestrogen starts to decrease which causes a thinning of the vaginal epithelial layer and a corresponding decrease in the proportion of lactobacilli.

What is MenoGuide used for?

When it is launched formally it is anticipated that MenoGuide will be used to help to identify where a woman is on her transition from Pre to Peri menopause and to provide information on vaginal health status. It can also be adopted as a monitoring tool to help a healthcare professional measure the impact of a treatment intervention they have made. These treatments could range from a Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) prescription to lifestyle advice depending on your individual symptoms and situation.

How does it help?

Your Journey

By providing menopause specialists with objective and reliable data, they can map the menopause journey and monitor the success of treatment plans.


This service will provide women with information about their health and refocuses the current treatment pathway from illness to wellness.


Better menopause management will enable women to live the life they want and reduce the health and social impacts on women’s lives. 

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